Weekly Signup sheets

December 8 - Best Nine:    Sign up here

Dear Shoreline Ladies,  we lost our beloved Dee Imazeki this last Monday.    As most of you know, she had been ill recently.    We will all miss her greatly.


Best 9            Take 3 par 3’s, 3 par 4’s, and 3par 5’s.  Use half of your handicap

F & T              Count score from holes beginning with the letter F and T (i.e.,  Two, Three, Four, etc.).  Take ½ your handicap

Odd & Even Use odd holes or even holes and take ½ your handicap

O.N.E.S.         Count scores from holes beginning with the letters O-N-E-S (i.e. One, Six, Seven, Nine, Eleven, etc.) take half your handicap         

CRIERS           For net score, pick 3 worst holes and change those to Par.   Subtract full handicap.

Point Par       Score 1 point for bogey, 2 for par, 3 for birdie, 4 for eagle, and 6 for double eagle.  Take handicap stokes as they fall.

Front Nine    Use the front nine score only, take ½ of your handicap

Back Nine     Use the back nine score only, take ½ of your handicap.

Best Nine      Take front or back nine.  Use ½ of your handicap.

3 Little Pigs  Throw out your three worst holes.  Take full handicap

Lemon Drop Throw out 1 worst par 3, 1 worst par 4, 1 worst par 5. Use full handicap.