Shoreline Golf Links Update - March 25, 2020

On March, 17, the golf course including all practice facilities and Michael’s restaurant closed following the County’s order.  The property plans to re-open on April 8 unless directed otherwise. 

During the closure we will continue to maintain and protect the property.   To that end, our actions to-date and plans going forward include the following.   Please note that the plans are subject to change.

Staffing of the property by the Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent, and General Manager during the mandated closure period.

To close the course, we picked-up and stored the amenities and locked all bathrooms.  Closure signs were posted throughout the property.
For the on-going health and maintenance of the property, we fertilized all the greens, including the practice ones.   We started aerification the week of March 16.   All the greens will be aerified meaning cores pulled and removed, a second fertilization completed and a sand layer applied to allow for faster healing of the greens.  As time permits, another key work objective will be to repair and adjust irrigation, hole-by-hole, to optimize coverage before the hot weather begins.  We will mow tees, fairways and greens regularly.

For the driving range, all the mats were removed and stored.  The range tractors were removed and locked after a final clean-pick of the range.   We will be letting the grass grow in the hitting area to discourage practicing.  It will be mowed periodically.

For our restaurant, we cleaned the restaurant and donated or disposed of all perishable food.   The walk-in refrigerator was thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and re-organized.  For private events, we contacted all March, April and May events for managing expectations and dealing with any changes in plans.  
For golf, we posted operational status notices on the website and sent an email with the same information.  We updated the phone system with the status of the property.  We coordinated with EZ Links on closing the tee sheet and provided a script for the reservation call center.   We are working with the Park Rangers to enforce the closure status and protect the property.  Finally, we are planning for actions required for re-opening the property quickly once the government shelter order is lifted.

Dear Shoreline Ladies,  we lost our beloved Dee Imazeki this last Monday.    As most of you know, she had been ill recently.    We will all miss her greatly.


Best 9            Take 3 par 3’s, 3 par 4’s, and 3par 5’s.  Use half of your handicap

F & T              Count score from holes beginning with the letter F and T (i.e.,  Two, Three, Four, etc.).  Take ½ your handicap

Odd & Even Use odd holes or even holes and take ½ your handicap

O.N.E.S.         Count scores from holes beginning with the letters O-N-E-S (i.e. One, Six, Seven, Nine, Eleven, etc.) take half your handicap         

CRIERS           For net score, pick 3 worst holes and change those to Par.   Subtract full handicap.

Point Par       Score 1 point for bogey, 2 for par, 3 for birdie, 4 for eagle, and 6 for double eagle.  Take handicap stokes as they fall.

Front Nine    Use the front nine score only, take ½ of your handicap

Back Nine     Use the back nine score only, take ½ of your handicap.

Best Nine      Take front or back nine.  Use ½ of your handicap.

3 Little Pigs  Throw out your three worst holes.  Take full handicap

Lemon Drop Throw out 1 worst par 3, 1 worst par 4, 1 worst par 5. Use full handicap.