Best 9            Take 3 par 3’s, 3 par 4’s, and 3par 5’s.  Use half of your handicap

F & T              Count score from holes beginning with the letter F and T (i.e.,  Two, Three, Four, etc.).  Take ½ your handicap

Odd & Even Use odd holes or even holes and take ½ your handicap

O.N.E.S.         Count scores from holes beginning with the letters O-N-E-S (i.e. One, Six, Seven, Nine, Eleven, etc.) take half your handicap         

CRIERS           For net score, pick 3 worst holes and change those to Par.   Subtract full handicap.

Point Par       Score 1 point for bogey, 2 for par, 3 for birdie, 4 for eagle, and 6 for double eagle.  Take handicap stokes as they fall.

Front Nine    Use the front nine score only, take ½ of your handicap

Back Nine     Use the back nine score only, take ½ of your handicap.

Best Nine      Take front or back nine.  Use ½ of your handicap.

3 Little Pigs  Throw out your three worst holes.  Take full handicap

Lemon Drop Throw out 1 worst par 3, 1 worst par 4, 1 worst par 5. Use full handicap.